28 Preston St, Hillsboro, NH


We are always looking for volunteers and we need many different types of people, such as:

  • Parking lot attendants (flaggers and cashiers)
  • Grounds cleanup
  • Answering questions at the administration table
  • Ticket booths and bracelet installers
  • Food tent cleanup
  • Road Race and Tractor Pull Setup
  • Oversee the Car Show
  • Help with Skillet Toss and other events

We’re using the same web page as last year to sign up, and if you were registered with us last year, you’ll get an email when we are ready for volunteers.

We’re continuing the successful program from last year where you can credit your hours with a local non-profit organization and at the end of the event, the committee will tally up the hours and split the proceeds according to a formula based on the percentage of hours each organization contributed.

If this is the first time you have signed up with our system, you can enter your organization in then.  If you already have an account, you can edit your profile and add the organization.  If it is too difficult to figure out – let us know the organization when you check-in on the field.  Make sure to check-in and check-out so your hours can be recorded correctly.  If you are asked by a committee member to stay late, or if you volunteer to work an extra shift, make sure it is recorded on the time-sheet at the administration table.

Thank you for your help!!!

Read about our (mostly) out-of-town volunteers as well.